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WHO releases food and nutrition policy briefs on fiscal policies, reformulation, labelling and food marketing to children.

Fiscal policies to promote healthy diets: policy brief

Provides information and policy options to incentivize consumption of healthier options and disincentivize the consumption of less healthy options, such as taxes on less healthy foods and beverages and subsidies on healthier foods and beverages.

Reformulation of food and beverage products for healthier diets: policy brief

Provides information and practical guidance for implementing effective policy actions on food reformulation- altering the processing or composition of a food or beverage product, to improve its nutritional profile. This can help ensure access to safe and nutritious food for all, and shift towards healthier and sustainable consumption patterns.

Nutrition labelling: policy brief

Provides information and options for nutrition labelling policies, including policies on ingredient lists, nutrient declarations, supplementary nutrition information (e.g. front-of-pack labelling FOPL) and nutrition and health claims. 

Protecting children from the harmful impact of food marketing: policy brief

Calls upon governments to implement comprehensive policy approaches to restrict marketing of foods that contribute to an unhealthy diet, to reduce children’s exposure to such marketing and to reduce the power of such marketing.

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