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To assist health care professionals in advising their patients about carbohydrates, sugar and health, the SRAS team of nutritionists and dietitians have developed a range of useful, evidence based resources. All resources have been reviewed by an independent SRAS advisor or expert in a relevant field.

This information is for nutrition education purposes. In all cases of specific medical complaints and conditions please seek the advice of a trained health professional.

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Infographics & Fact Sheets

Say When: A guide to portion control

'Say When’, is an informative and practical guide to portion control and recommended serving sizes.

Tearaway pad

Where does sugar come from?

Currently OUT OF STOCK in hard copy. Download the PDF version from the link. A journey from cane-plant to sugar bowl, looking at the milling and refining process of sugar.


What type of sweetener is that?

Currently OUT OF STOCK in hard copy. Download the PDF version from the link. Our popular infographic looking at the differences between various sweeteners including cane sugar, agave, sugar alcohols and rice malt syrup.


Why is there sugar in my food?

Infographic explaining the role of sugar in food and drink products.


Sugars and Health FAQs

Currently OUT OF STOCK in hard copy. Download the PDF version from the link. Frequently Asked Questions about sugar in relation to health.

Fact Sheet

Spotlight on Australia's Sugar Consumption

Currently OUT OF STOCK in hard copy. Download the PDF version from the link. Focusing on free sugars consumption in Australia including trends over time, average intakes and the main sources in the diet from the ABS Australian Health Survey: Consumption of Added Sugars report.


Discretionary foods toolkit (Australia only)

"NB. These resources are designed to be used in combination"

Health Professional Guide to Additional Serves

Provides key tips to health professionals on using the discretionary foods toolkit. NB. The resource is based on the Australian Dietary Guidelines.


The Additional Serves Ready Reckoner (Printable version not available)

Provides guidance on the maximum number of additional serves of food, from all food groups, that a healthy person can have based on their gender, age, height and physical activity level. For adults and children. NB. This resource is based on the Australian Dietary Guidelines.

Ready Reckoner

How discretionary foods fit into a healthy diet (Client Guide)

Patient education brochure. A visual guide on the number of additional food serves a portion of common discretionary foods provide.





Portion control, sugars intakes and more 


Sugar and health

How much sugar are we recommended to eat?


Frequently asked questions

Natural versus added sugars - what's the difference?