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Variations in marginal taste perception by Body Mass Index classification: a randomised controlled trial

18 / 09 / 19

People who are obese reported higher levels of satisfaction than non-obese people after the same amounts of chocolate wa…..


Salivary amylase and sweet food preference

13 / 02 / 19

Influence of salivary amylase levels on preference for sweet foods...


Nutrient sensing: What we can learn from different tastes about the nutrient contents in today’s foods?

19 / 10 / 18

A foods taste is a good signal for nutrient content, unless it is an ultra-processed food...


Sweet taste exposure and the subsequent acceptance and preference for sweet taste in the diet

18 / 06 / 18

Does eating sweet foods and drinks change our preference for sweetness?..


The influence of adding spices to reduced sugar foods on overall liking

16 / 04 / 18

Eating less added sugar is recommended but reduced sugar foods don’t taste as good – could spices help?..


How does impaired taste affect food choices?

10 / 10 / 17

Does a weaker sense of taste creates the desire for more intensely tasting stimuli?..


Sweet taste perception & BMI

07 / 03 / 17

Is a ‘sweet tooth’ a risk factor for developing obesity in teenagers?..


Desire for sweet taste unchanged after eating: evidence of a dessert mentality?

06 / 09 / 16

This study proves the desire for sweetness really does persist more than other tastes; the dessert stomach is real!..


Sweet dopamine: sucrose preferences relate differentially to striatal D2 receptor binding and age in obesity

08 / 08 / 16

Sweet preferences, perception of sweetness and receptor binding potential in obese and non-obese subjects...


Individual differences among children in sucrose detection thresholds

04 / 04 / 16

Cross-sectional study to determine relationship between taste, age, body composition and added sugar intake...


Effect of sensory exposure on liking for fat- or sugar-reduced biscuits

01 / 03 / 16

Does liking for reduced fat or reduced sugar biscuits increase over a four week trial period?..


Reduced dietary intake of simple sugars alters perceived sweet taste intensity but not perceived pleasantness

28 / 01 / 16

A look at taste perceptions, and preference for sweetness if following a low sugar diet..