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Sugar and cancer risk

19 / 10 / 18


Most studies indicated a null association. Some detrimental associations were found for added sugars and sugary beverages.


This study evaluated associations between dietary sugars and lifestyle-related cancer risk from 37 longitudinal studies between 1990 and 2017. Of 15 studies on total sugar and 14 studies on sucrose, 11 found a null association with cancer. Of 14 studies on fructose, 8 found a null association, 2 found protective and 4 found detrimental associations. In 2 of 5 studies on added sugars a 6-95% increased cancer risk was observed with higher intakes. In 8 of 15 studies on sugary foods and beverages, 23-200% higher cancer risk was observed with higher sugary beverage consumption.


Makarem N, Bandera EV, Nicholson JM, Parekh N. Consumption of sugars, sugary foods, and sugary beverages in relation to cancer risk: a systematic review of longitudinal studies. Annual Review of Nutrition Aug 2018 Vol 38:17-39