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Evaluation of LiveLighter media campaign on adult sugar sweetened beverage (SSB) consumption

18 / 09 / 18


The Livelighter ‘sugary drinks’ campaign reduced SSB consumption in Victorian adults.


The LiveLighter ‘Sugary Drinks’ was a mass media campaign conducted in Victoria, Australia, in Oct/Nov 2015. The campaign contained graphic images depicting ‘toxic fat’ deposited around organs and a message that ‘sugary drink leads to toxic fat’. Evaluation of the campaign found a 9% absolute percentage point reduction in the proportion of adults in the intervention state who reported they frequently consume SSBs, compared to a 1% decline in the comparison state not exposed to the campaign (South Australia). Self-reported reduction in the frequency of sugar sweetened beverages (SSB) was 31% in the intervention state compared to 22% in the control state. Water consumption also increased (albeit non-significantly) in overweight/obese people in the intervention group (73% vs 66% in control), and they also showed increased health knowledge of the health effects of SSB. Some individuals in the intervention group showed an increase in thoughts (self-referent thoughts) about their own personal potential for weight gain from SSBs. The authors suggest these results are notable in an environment of heavy commercial SSB promotion.


Morley BC, Niven PH, Dixon HG et al. (2018). Controlled cohort evaluation of the LiveLighter mass media campaign’s impact on adults’ reported consumption of sugar-sweetened beverages. BMJ Open