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Beverages make a substantial contribution to energy, sugar, calcium and vitamin C intake among Australians

18 / 09 / 19

Finding: the type and amount of beverages consumed by Australians influences dietary quality.

Summary: CSIRO researchers analysed the one-day food recall data from 12,153 participants of the 2011-12 Australian National Nutrition and Physical Activity Survey.

Almost all Australians consumed at least one beverage on the day of the survey. Beverages contributed:

  • 16.6% total energy intake in adults
  • 13% total energy intake for children
  • 26-29% calcium intake
  • 22-28% of vit C intake
  • 35-36% sugar intake

In adults, greatest contributors to total energy were alcoholic drinks (5.6%), coffee (3.1%) and soft drinks (1.9%).

In children the greatest contributors to total energy intake were plain milk (3.1%), flavoured milk (2.8%) and fruit juice (2.6%).

The greatest contributor of calcium in adults was coffee (10.6%), and in children it was plain milk (9.9%). The greatest contributor of vitamin C was fruit juice in both adults and children.

The greatest contributor of total sugars in adults was soft drinks (8%), (sweetened) coffee (8.4%) and fruit juice (5.9%). In children fruit juice was the biggest contributor of total sugars (9.8%), followed by soft drinks (8.7%)

Citation: Riley MD, Hendrie GA, Baird DL. Drink Choice is Important: Beverages Make a Substantial Contribution to Energy, Sugar, Calcium and Vitamin C Intake among Australians. Nutrients. 2019 Jun 20;11(6). pii: E1389.