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Are oat-based muesli bars healthy snacks for kids?

12 / 02 / 20

How healthy are oat-based muesli bars? Are home-made bars healthier? ..

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How much sugar are toddlers eating

20 / 11 / 19

How much free sugars are toddlers eating compared to recommendations, and which recommendations should we use?..

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UK portion guidance, 'Find your balance-get portion wise'

17 / 10 / 19

Increasing portion sizes are being described as a contributing factor to excess energy consumption and weight gain. The …..

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Policy Paper: Labelling of sugars on packaged foods

18 / 09 / 19

The policy paper was written to provide the Australian and New Zealand Ministerial Forum on Food Regulation to decide on…..

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Sensory science: what do we know?

28 / 08 / 19

Pat Silcock explains sensory science and how it impacts on food choice..

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WHO Global Burden of Disease Study 2017

15 / 07 / 19

The most recent study into the state of the world’s diet and health concludes we need a renewed focus on increasing inta…..

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The PREVIEW study

12 / 06 / 19

Does a higher protein, lower GI diet help prevent diabetes?..

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The Health Star Rating (HSR) Five-Year Review

24 / 04 / 19

A top-line summary of HSR 5-year draft review plus some content from the SRAS submission...

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A new method for estimating added sugars

08 / 04 / 19

A UK group from Cambridge has developed a new 5-step method to estimate both free and added sugars. ..

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The EAT-Lancet Commission on healthy diets

14 / 03 / 19

What does a win-win diet for health and sustainability look like?..

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