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Conference dates for your diary

15 / 03 / 18

It’s time to plan your continuing professional development activities, including conferences...

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NSW Inquiry into childhood obesity

19 / 02 / 18

The NSW government has set a target of reducing obesity in children and young people by 5% by 2025. An inquiry yielded 1…..

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HSR Phase 4 evaluation results

19 / 02 / 18

How is the HSR performing? We look at the latest evaluation results..

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Sugary drinks tax – the great debate

01 / 11 / 16

This article lists the key arguments raised by those who are for and against the introduction of a SSB tax in Australia …..

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Pros and cons of a sugar tax

02 / 06 / 16

Recent reports are calling for a sugar tax in Australia and New Zealand. We look at both sides of the debate...

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A new way to keep your portion sizes in check

09 / 08 / 16

Researchers have developed a novel, easy to use method for people to estimate food portion sizes using only their hands.…..

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Ipsos Food CHATs (Consumption, Habits, Attitudes, Trends) Annual Report 2015-16

23 / 05 / 16

Insights into consumption, habits, attitudes and trends about food choices and behaviours..

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(ABS) data on free sugars released

02 / 05 / 16

Australian's are consuming 10.9% of our energy from free sugars..

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Release of 'Australian Health Survey: Consumption of Added Sugars' report

27 / 04 / 16

The ABS released data to show mean intake of free sugars is 10.9% of total sugars, close to the WHO recommendations. ..

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Introduction of a sugary drinks tax in UK

18 / 03 / 16

The UK has introduced a sugary drink tax to be implemented over 2 years...

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