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UN Resource List on Food Systems and Nutrition Responses to COVID-19

The current global COVID-19 pandemic has disrupted food systems around the world.

The United Nations System Standing Committee on Nutrition (UNSCN) says,

“Food environments are where people meet the food system. Around the world people’s food environments are rapidly changing in both their external dimensions – food availability, prices, vendors- as well as personal dimensions – geographical access, affordability, convenience and desirability. These rapid food environment changes are influencing the consumers’ dietary practices and can lead to a deterioration in both individual, and country level, nutritional and health status. Sustainable healthy diets that contain sufficient fruits and vegetables are crucial in protecting people’s immunity. Particularly for those at risk of, or suffering from, food insecurity and those with pre-existing non-communicable diseases who are at a heightened risk of becoming severely ill with the virus.”

Contributing to the coronavirus pandemic response, the UNSCN has compiled a list of available resources and key readings with a focus on nutrition and food systems. These include Food environments and the COVID-19 Pandemic that describes impacts and positive policy actions to deliver sustainable healthy diets for all, including options for governments to adapt and mitigate impacts on food environments, and current nutrition advice.

This list will be continually updated and expanded as more resources become available.


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