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New Australian Centre for Disease Control (CDC)

The Anthony Albanese Labor government will establish an Australian Centre for Disease Control, or CDC (avoiding the very rock ‘n roll acronym of ACDC). The CDC aims to improve the response and preparedness for public health emergencies such as pandemics.

The three goals of the CDC are:

  1. Ensure ongoing pandemic preparedness.
  2. Lead Federal response to future infectious disease outbreaks.
  3. Work to prevent non-communicable (chronic) and communicable (infectious) diseases. 

The CDC will work with state and territory governments, health and aged care stakeholders, academics and the research sector and international counterparts (such as the U.S. CDC).

A sum of AU$3.2 million was allocated from the 2022-23 budget to establish the CDC, and a targeted stakeholder consultation process conducted in late 2022. The consultation report can be found here. Commentary by the Grattan Institute on the importance of chronic disease prevention by the CDC can be found here.

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