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Joint Position Statement on Oral Health & Nutrition

The Joint Position Statement on Oral Health and Nutrition underlines the importance of Accredited Practising Dietitians and oral health professionals working together to achieve better outcomes. Nutrition and oral health influence each other. Mouths and teeth influence the ability to eat a balanced diet, but too much or not enough of some foods can increase the risk of tooth decay and gum disease.

For example, malnutrition can be a cause or consequence of poor oral health. Better collaboration between nutrition and oral health professionals in research, knowledge, practice across multiple settings and public health advocacy can prevent malnutrition, as well as other conditions, and improve quality of life.


The following life stages are identified as opportunities for interdisciplinary collaboration:

  • Pregnancy
  • Early childhood
  • Adolescence and early adulthood
  • Older adults

Nutrition and health synergies are identified for each life stage.


The position statement has been endorsed by the Australia Dental and Oral Health Therapists’ Association, Oral Health Services Tasmania, Dental Hygienists Association of Australia and Deakin University. These agencies, as well as the Department of Health Victoria and the Australian Dental Association contributed to the development of the resource.  

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