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Draft Preventive Health Strategy for Australia

This strategy aims to address the root causes of poor health.

 The draft of the Australian National Preventive Health Strategy has been released and is open for stakeholder and community feedback until Monday 19th April. The strategy covers the next nine years until 2030.

Rather than focussing on specific diseases, it focusses on system-wide, evidence-based approaches to reducing poor health. The vision is to help improve the health of Australians at all stages of life, through early intervention, better information, targeting risk factors and addressing the broader causes of poor health and wellbeing.

The aims are:

  1. Australians have the best start in life.
  2. Australians live as long as possible in good health.
  3. Health equity for target populations
  4. Investment in prevention is increased.

The principles are:

  • Multi-sector collaboration
  • Enabling the workforce
  • Community engagement
  • Empowering and supporting Australians (appropriate information, health promotion, environment factors)
  • Adapting to emerging threats and evidence
  • The equity lens (action must focus on external barriers)

The draft Strategy and the consultation survey can be accessed via the Australian Government Department of Health’s Consultation Hub.


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