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Australia has a new government

In a remarkable Australian Federal election that saw the loss of many Liberal party member’s seats and the emergence of the so called ‘teal independents’ (predominantly female candidates with a mix of the Greens and Liberal party (blue) policies), the Australian Labor Party has been swept to power and Anthony Albanese is the new Prime Minister. 

The Australian Labor party promised key policy changes in many areas including health and the environment:


  • Establish a Centre for Disease Control and Prevention
  • Work collaboratively to ensure sustained progress on Closing the Gap (between non-indigenous and indigenous health status)
  • Lower the maximum co-payment for medicines on the Pharmaceutical Benefits Scheme by $12.50 to $30.
  • Fund urgent care clinics to take pressure off emergency departments.
  • Additional subsidies for continuous glucose monitoring devices to increase access to all people with type 1 diabetes

Climate change

  • Commit to net zero emissions by 2050 and a 2030 target of 43%
  • Invest in ‘green metal’ produced by renewable energy
  • Make electric cars cheaper through tax breaks
  • Upgrade electricity grid to take more renewable energy
  • Install community batteries and solar banks


  • Help bring more Pacific workers to work on Australian farms
  • $500 million to help agriculture diversify into new markets
  • Return 450 gigalitres from the Murray Darling Basin to the environment
  • Increase funding for biosecurity 

Indigenous reconciliation

The Labor party also pledged to implement the Uluru Statement from the Heart in full - Voice, Treaty and Truth.

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